Advancing Ibogaine Knowledge for the Public Good

Ibogaine is set to change the world. We are the resource for the latest news, commentary, and research about ibogaine, its effects, and its benefits.

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Years of Ibogaine

David Dardashti is one of the leading practitioners of ibogaine research, with a deep focus on its practical application.

A World-Renowned Ibogaine Facility

Over a decade of success at his ibogaine facility in Mexico.

Hundreds of Published Cases

See the experience of individuals, in their own words.


Advancing Ibogaine Research Through Practical Study

David Dardashti has spearheaded the practical use of ibogaine through clinical research and the development of protocols at his research facility. 

Clinical Ibogaine Study

Ibogaine is a substance with emerging benefits across a variety of fields.

The Subconscious Mind

David's work brings research from thousands of individual ibogaine treatments into hundreds of cases and applications.

Our Research

What is Ibogaine and What Can it do?

Ibogaine at the Cellular Level

Ibogaine stimulates the nervous system and helps create change at the smallest level possible.

Untapped Laboratory Potential

The surface has yet to be scratched for ibogaine's usefulness. We are pushing to remain at the forefront.

Immune boosting power

Ibogaine helps give the body the information it needs to heal itself, and efficiently fight a number of conditions considered 'untreatable'.